Vision for the Future

Vision For The Future

Sea Breathe – A Vision for the Future Mariners around the world are in need of – and are looking for – the benefits of 12-Volt Surface Air Supply technology. This is a simple elegant dive technology that allows shallow diving with minimal equipment overhead, low operational costs, lasting durability and multi-purpose applications. It has benefits for boaters, marinas, resort operators and even light-duty commercial dive operations. Sea Breathe is ready to supply a solution to this global marine need.

Sea Breathe – The Premium Power-Snorkel Brand

Ten years ago Sea Breathe was the only power-snorkel manufacturer. Today, there are a few to choose from, but Keith Collyer, founder of Sea Breathe is considered the father of 12-volt power snorkel technology, and knows of none that come even close to the quality design and careful engineering of every Sea Breathe. Says Keith, “Others may look pretty good on the outside. Some are well marketed. But, when taken apart and compared side-by-side, dollar for dollar, there is no equivalent. Premium quality is a passion at Sea Breathe, something we work hard to achieve and simply won’t compromise.”

Sea Breathe – A Reputation Poised for Growth

Clearly, Sea Breathe’s passion for quality has resonated with customers. Strong customer endorsements have built strong brand awareness and made Sea Breathe the brand to buy.

“We just picked up distributor in Hawaii who has been selling a competitive product. He knew about us but he’d been getting enough requests about Sea Breathe from customers he requested we send him a couple of units.


After comparing the products side-by-side, he sent all the competitors product back and placed a large order with us,” says Will Trethewey, President of Sea Breathe, providing a typical customer response.

Many original Sea Breathe customers say that even after ten or more years, they are still happily using their original Sea Breathe products, testimony to quality that is built into each Sea Breathe product. Simply listen in at a marina or boating tradeshow and you’ll hear enthusiastic stories about how Sea Breathe has been a benefit to their owners.

Sea Breathe – Markets Are Around the World

Sea Breathe customers are talking, but who is listening? Mariners worldwide, including sail boaters, power boaters, divers and adventurers, and of course aquatic resort operators.

Sea Breathe intends to focus its message on three primary target markets.


No sailboat operator, especially offshore cruisers, should be without a Sea Breathe unit. The benefits include safety, boat maintenance convenience, locker storage convenience, low operating costs, low electricity consumption, are universal needs among the sailing crowd.

“My Sea Breathe just saved me $1200 in maintenance and haul-out fees. At this rate it will pay for itself in the first year.” Ralph Hollenburg, Round the World Yachtsman and Captain of the 60’ sailboat Deo Volante.



Resorts and Adventure Tour Operators

Ever year there are more adventure tour operators catering to the expanding market of active, adventure-seeking customers. These operators are looking for uncomplicated, fun, easy to setup and use sport adventure equipment that can excite their customers.

“After a short orientation and a briefing on reef etiquette anyone who’s snorkeled can cop the thrill of submerging and staying down unfettered by cumbersome scuba gear.” Lisa Tabb, a contributing editor for National Geographic Adventure and recent tester of a Sea Breathe unit.

Scuba Divers

Scuba divers appreciate the benefits of Surface Air Supply dive equipment for shallow or quick dives. Even the most avid scuba diver won’t be very excited about getting off and on a boat or dock repeatedly while wearing all that gear. Commercial divers are adopting the technology quickly, because they appreciate the functionality of the benefits. Recreational divers have been less quick to adopt, but that’s changing as the popularity of Sea Breathe equipment increases.

“Sea Breathe is really light to handle. Taking it on and off, getting in and out of the water, especially from boat is so easy. After heaving scuba equipment around for years, this is great!” Steve Humen, Retired Commercial Diver.