Customer Testimonials

"We've returned from the Galapagos - had a wonderful time with the Sea Breathes - They were just the ticket; just deep enough to see lots of cool stuff safely"

  • Nick Williams
    Excellent Adventures

"Thanks very much for the exemplary service. The 200 works great, we first used it when we got 10ft of 3/4 inch rope tangled around Illusions prop"

  • Thomas Herbert

Round the world yachtsman, Captain of 60-foot sailboat Deo Volente "I saved $1200 in maintenance and haul out fees in the first 12 months. The Sea Breathe paid for itself"

  • Ralph Hollenberg
    Round the World Yachtsman

Steve Humen Ex Commercial Diver "The Sea Breathe is so much more convenient than tanks, especially if you need to get in and out of the water a few times to get the job done"

  • Steve Humen

"After a short orientation and a briefing on reef etiquette anyone who's snorkeled can cop the thrill of submerging and staying down unfettered by cumbersome scuba gear"

  • Lisa Tabb
    Professional Reviewer