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Sea Breathe wins praise from serious divers

There is a certain machissimo among scuba divers and a culture that naturally resists the concept of being tethered to the water surface by an air-supply tube. However, when presented with advantages Sea Breathe 12-Volt dive equipment offers, even the most dedicated divers agree, Sea Breathe solves many scuba related issues.

Dr. Phil Nuytten OBC, L.L.D, one of the world’s most famous divers and editor of Diver Magazine, took little time to recognize the value of the Sea Breathe concept. Says Dr. Nuytten, “A solution to the problem of shallow, long bottom-time diving that is elegant in its simplicity. Sea Breathe seems to cover all the bases; it’s rugged, reliable, lightweight and low cost. It certainly gets my vote.”

Scuba’s heavy tanks are cumbersome to handle, especially when getting in and out of the water. They intimidate beginners and require a lot of training and certification. They can also cause damage to underwater reefs when the bulky equipment accidentally knocks against very delicate coral. And, of course, diver safety is always an issue, where inexperienced divers can get into trouble at depth and especially they attempt to ascend to the surface too quickly.

Sea Breathe is ideal for beginner dive training

Sea Breathe’s dive equipment makes learning to dive less intimidating. Both kids and older people find it much easier to take the plunge and try a dive experience. Its lightweight vest and quick release harness seem almost like there is no equipment at all. And, since beginners are limited to shallow dive depths it helps keep them out of trouble while they get used to being underwater.

Resorts offering aqua and dive adventures use Sea Breathe as an orientation to diving before offering their fully certified scuba training. For many beginning divers, Sea Breathe offers a perfectly satisfying dive experience… and that is the end of it. For others, it is the first step toward becoming enthusiastic scuba students and lifelong scuba divers.