Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Sea Breathe Vision

There is a globally recognized need in the marine industry for a simple cost effective solution for shallow water diving. Sea Breathe has a premium reputation for providing an elegant solution for this problem.

It will build on its reputation by continuing to ‘engineer’ the best shallow-dive products available, seek the most reputable distributors worldwide and scale manufacturing capacity to meet this growing need.

Product Summary

Sea Breathe is a 12-Volt battery-powered dive system that pumps surface-air to divers 20-40-feet below. It is an ideal solution for shallow and long bottom-time diving for a variety of marine industries that have few options but scuba. Advantages over scuba include being faster to deploy, easier to use and more economical. Using 12-Volt battery technology makes them safer and more eco-friendly, running exhaust-free and virtually silent.

Each Sea Breathe unit is configured for either one or two divers.

Deck units – These units stay on the deck of the boat or dock and connect to an external 12-Volt battery.

Portable – These units are fully self-contained and float freely on the water surface allowing the diver to swim freely.

Markets Summary

Primary markets include boaters, aqua-resorts, and divers both commercial and sport. It also has potential for emergency and rescue operations and tank operations like aquariums.

Boaters - It is a must have item for boaters, especially offshore cruisers where convenience, durability, a small storage requirement and stingy power requirements are paramount.

Resorts - It is gaining explosive growth among resorts offering aqua-adventures because it is safer then scuba, is easy to use with virtually no maintenance, requires less training time, can be used by children and elders, and offers a superb ROI.

Divers - Commercial divers are aware of the inconveniences of scuba equipment for quick or shallow dive tasks and appreciate it as a “simple elegance solution.” It is also gaining respectability among sport scuba divers.