Company Milestones

It all started 15 years ago with Sea Breathe's founder Keith Collyer relaxing on his sailboat in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. While contemplating many nagging questions among other questions Keith pondered the thought that "there must be a better and simpler way to deliver air to a diver". This is when it all started and has continued till even today, Keith has developed all types of designs and improvements and is considered the founder of 12 volt diving. Keith's attitude is that nothing can go with-out a constant improvement and this has driven Sea Breathe to where it is today.

  • 1989 – Keith Collyer is determined to create an easier way to do maintenance to his boat and begins work on a 12-Volt electric snorkel.
  • 1990 – Keith incorporates Atlantic Engineering Ltd. and gives the electric snorkel its name - Sea Breathe.
  • 1992 – Atlantic Engineering is given a BC Science Council development grant.
  • 1992 – Phil Nuyten of Hard Suits gives the Sea Breathe concept a strong endorsement and encourages further development and marketing.
  • 1993 – Sea Breathe is given a MART grant for market research and development.
  • 1994 - The Vancouver Aquarium purchases Sea Breathe for cleaning aquariums.
  • 1997 – Island Expeditions of Belize, one of many and eco-tour resorts, places their first order for Sea Breathe systems.
  • 2000 – Atlantic Engineering places an order for 400 compressor units to meet the demand for Sea Breathe products worldwide.
  • 2005 – Scu-Buoy Products acquires Sea Breathe from Atlantic Engineering.
  • 2006 – All float units are redesigned to accommodate larger batteries - allowing for additional dive time between charges.
  • 2007 – Will Trethewey introduces several new custom models.