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Sea Breathe is “must-have” equipment for boaters

Boat owners who have purchased a Sea Breathe 12-Volt electric dive unit wonder how they ever managed before.

Whether for emergencies, routine maintenance or fun, owning a Sea Breathe means your dive equipment is always available.

First, it’s actually on board. This is something not many sail boaters are accustomed too, but because Sea Breathe equipment is so compact; it will fit in even the most space-conscious cruiser’s locker.

Second, it’s available. Just imagine looking for an oxygen refill station on a remote island in the Pacific. Sea Breathe owners simply recharge a 12-volt battery, something they can accomplish almost anywhere… even under sail using a solar or wind generator.

Boaters can now enjoy the benefits and convenience of on-board dive equipment without many of the disadvantages normally associated with dive equipment.

Offshore boaters, in particular, have important requirements: stingy-electricity consumption, minimal dimensions for a scarcity of on-board space, reliability to operate when needed, and durability to resist corrosion even in harsh saltwater environments; Sea Breathe dive-products fit those needs better than anything else on the market.

The most convenient and cost effective dive equipment on the market

Keith Collyer, sailor, scuba diver and founder of Sea Breathe, said talks about his original idea,“The thought of loading up with all my scuba equipment to do hull maintenance on my boat was frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love scuba but not for getting in and out of the water repeatedly. I thought there had to be a better way.”

There definitely is. Sea Breathe’s light-weight vest and quick release harness makes jobs that require repeatedly getting in and out of the water seem almost like there’s no equipment at all.

Ralph Hollenburg, Round the World Yachtsman and Captain of the 60’ sailboat Deo Volante said,“My Sea Breathe already saved me $1200 in maintenance and haul-out fees. At this rate it will pay for itself in the first year, and that’s only for the work, not including all the fun.”