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Sea Breathe 12 Volt Surface Air Supply

Sea Breathe is a safe, dependable surface air supply for commercial divers and recreational divers who want the freedom of air supplied diving with the convenience of snorkeling. Hookah dive without heavy tanks and cumbersome scuba equipment.

Power dive with ease using a deck unit, or roam the waters connected to a floating unit. Floating and deck units come in one-diver and two-diver designs. Sea Breathe is the natural choice for recreational divers and snorkelers, or commercial divers and boat owners who need quick, easy access to shallow depths, for boat repair, shell fishing or just for fun.

Sea Breathe surface air supplied diving units are compact and lightweight: a single diver deck unit weighs only 25 lbs. Sea Breathe air supply systems are small, but powerful compressors powered by a 12-volt boat battery or auxiliary battery. The single diver deck unit can supply enough air for hours of diving.

What makes Sea Breathe the best in the world?

Sea Breathe products are designed and manufactured with a passion for safety and durability. Sea Breathe was the original 12-Volt electric snorkel and has incorporated a number of thoughtfully engineered features, the combination of which makes Sea Breathe products ‘the standard’ by which other power-snorkels are measured.

Keith Collyer, the founder and designer of Sea Breathe products is a mechanical engineer, sail boater and scuba diver. Says Keith, “There are other products out there, and some look quite good, but none comes even close to the quality and design integrity of the Sea Breathes. All you have to do is open one up and compare the inside. That’s where you’ll see the passion. I suppose we’re a bit obsessive, but it’s the reason we have customers who are still using their original Sea Breathe’s 15 years later.”

Sea Breathe Vision

There is a globally recognized need in the marine industry for a simple cost effective solution for shallow water diving. Sea Breathe has a premium reputation for providing an elegant solution for this problem. It will build on its reputation by continuing to ‘engineer’ the best shallow-dive products available, seek the most reputable distributors worldwide and scale manufacturing capacity to meet this growing need.

Float Units

Divers and Snorkelers Can have hours of enjoyment with the Sea Breathe self contained, floating units. Experience the freedom of surface air; no tanks on your back, effortless entry and exit from the water. It's safe and simple.

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Deck Units

Sea Breathe deck units are the ideal system for boaters who want to be able to get under the boat any time, anywhere. Whether it's an emergency such as a fouled propeller or just routine cleaning, Sea Breathe helps you get the job done easily and quickly.

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