Sea Breathe Quality

Why Sea Breathe?


Sea Breathe High Quality

Sea Breathe products are designed and manufactured with a passion for safety and durability. Sea Breathe was the original 12-Volt electric snorkel and has incorporated a number of thoughtfully engineered features. Our dive units are built with only the highest quality components, all you have to do is one up and compare the inside against the competition. That’s where you’ll see the passion. I suppose we’re a bit obsessive, but it’s the reason we have customers who are still using their original Sea Breathe’s 15 years later.

Will Trethewey

Solid Black Plastic plugs, keeps hoses clean inside. Stainless Steel Ferrules or Oliker Clamps used on all fittings.

We never use Garden Hose products plastic or metal as some competitors use extensively.

Quick connect solid copper clips with Protective Sleeves. Using Anchor Marine Tinned Wire.

All internal Compressor parts are anodized to prevent corrosion, Compressor head on left has no protection and rust started (10 hours) immediately. Some competitors give you a spray can of oil to prevent this, we do it properly. Head on the Right is Sea Breathe’s anodized.

Breakers are Automatically resetting.

Oliker Stainless Clamps, not galvanized or plated.

No Screw Clamps are used on Sea Breathes units.

All Quick Couplers are taken apart and re-assembled, replacing stock steel balls with Higher Quality Stainless ones.

High Quality Solid Quick Couplers.

Sea Breathe uses only the Highest Quality Cases (LEFT) that are Un-Breakable and Air Tight. Manufactured by Pelican or Under Water Kinetics. Not the Cheap Plastic Tool Box on the Right. Great improvement over any Competitors Choice.

Hose Carry bag is Vented on one side for Quick Drying. All hoses and the Reservoir fit inside making this very easy and small for storage.

2 Inch Padded Dive Belt with Air Filter a One Way Air Valve on a Quick Release Belt. Solid and of the Highest Quality. Air relief valve to vent off air while in Shallow Water, Saves Amperage!

High Quality Scuba type regulator, with Purge Button.

Stainless Air Filter in Padded Dive Belt.

Foldable Air Reservoir, two layer lined, and has Three times the Air Volume of any competitor. Folds into a very small size. Very easy for Storage.

Anchor Marine Electrics connectors are used everywhere. Double heat shrink with Adhesive. Expensive but quality demands it.

Anchor Double Adhesive Heat Shrink, High Quality!

Certified Breathing Hose that is very flexible, Neutral Buoyancy. This hose will not KINK, some competitors use a very stiff low cost hose that may kink and cut-off Air Supply. Please Compare.

Extremely High Quality Switch, water proof and I have NEVER seen one fail. No cheap rubber cap as these break down very fast with UV.

All Screws and Bolts are High Grade Stainless with Ny-Lock Nuts.

Fine Air Filter with Extra High Visibility Protective Cover.

Sea Breathe Anodized Compressor Plate on Left, Non Protected stock on Right.

Air Craft Quality Anodized CNC parts used. Float Unit.

Non-Marking Pads to Prevent Deck Scratching.

Solid Fittings- NOT PLASTIC.

Mini Spares Kit Included on all units, Air Nozzle, Two Belt Clips, Compressor Air Filter, Belt Filter, O-rings for Quick Coupler, Red plug, Regulator Springs and Copper connector.

Dive Flag incorporating Air Filter. Float Unit.

Even our Cardboard Boxes are Double Thick ensuring that your order arrives in Great Shape. Double the cost but no damage during shipping.

Air Relief Valves used to reduce compressor load when excess air not needed. Saves Amps!

Anchor Tinned Wire used, QUALITY.

Well Packaged, 230-D Double Diver Deck Unit.

130D Single Deck Unit