Resort Market

The Resort Market

Sea Breathe technology offers simpler dive-adventure for resort customers

There is a huge population of underwater dreamers. Vacationers see romantic pictures of warm colorful coral reefs and dream of diving.

Unfortunately, most don’t because diving is intimidating, requires expensive, heavy, cumbersome equipment, and requires time-consuming training and certification. All these have restricted diving adventures to a small group of keen adventurous and mostly young customer base.

A Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel system offers resort operators the opportunity to penetrate a much larger base of customers. It’s lightweight tank-less snorkel system is easy to use, quick to learn and inexpensive to operate.

Customers can be almost any age broadening the market enormously for resort operators and making sales quick and ROI come much quicker.

Equipment operational costs are minimal with virtually no maintenance required. Supply costs are reduced with no tanks to refill; simple battery recharging is all that’s required. And, staff-time is reduced with less time required for customer training.

Says Lisa Tabb, contributing editor for National Geographic Adventure and recent tester of a Sea Breathe unit in Antigua, “After a short orientation and a briefing on reef etiquette anyone who’s snorkeled can cop the thrill of submerging and staying down unfettered by cumbersome scuba gear.”

Reduced Liability and Costs

A Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel system is a great for either large or small resort operations. Because it is safer to use, many large operations that have avoided scuba for liability reasons, will want to look at Sea Breathe’s potential for offering a dive program.

All operations will appreciate the enormous long-term cost savings of Sea Breathe’s virtually maintenance-free equipment, which combined with its’ thoughtful engineering and amazing durability (no engineered-obsolescence here) will be running for many years.

Wrote Nick Williams, owner of Excellent Adventures, “We’ve just returned from the Galapagos tour and had a wonderful time with the Sea Breathes. They were worked perfectly, safe and just deep enough to see lots of cool stuff.”